Are you facing career issues or challenges important enough to warrant a discreet sounding board with whom you can explore possible solutions? Or do you need someone to write your resume and cover letter?

Utilising 18 years of education, career mentoring, recruitment and management experience MYM Consulting offer support in a range of different areas to enable our clients to develop successful and fulfilling careers. We recognise that each person has a unique set of skills, characteristics and needs so our career guidance is tailored to the individual.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your previous experiences, current skillset, any frustrations and what you want to achieve in your career. It could be that you are looking to develop a complete career development plan, have a current issue that is causing you sleepless nights or simply need us to write your resume. Whatever it is you need MYM Consulting utilise their in depth knowledge of the employment market to provide you with insights into how recruiters think, what interviewers are looking for, how to deal with difficult management and how to negotiate at offer stage. All of this will help build your confidence and personal presentation skills enabling you to ‘make your mark’ in your chosen industry.

Our services cater for everyone from University graduates looking to get a foot in the door of their chosen industry, to mature workers considering pursuing a career change. We will help you learn how to stand out to selectors and interviewers, how to effectively communicate what makes you unique as an employee, and how to give the right impression at your interview.

To find out more about our comprehensive career mentoring services and one off services such as resume writing and interview preparation please contact us.